• Lost Episode Restored! HP Acquires Aruba Networks

    Cleaning up the archives while we prep for new episodes and guess what we found! We join our heroes already three sheets to the wind as they discuss the recent announcement of Hewlett Packard acquiring Aruba Networks. This segment is taken from a very long night of drinking.

  • The Super Bowl & 2.4GHz is Dead… Or Is It? – Live From WLPC 2015

    The night gets kicked off with an update on the Super Bowl by Chuck Lukaszewski of Aruba Networks, and a heated discussion on the use and fate of 2.4GHz. Sam and Ryan guide the discussion a bit but mostly let the crowd do all the work while they drink. A big thanks to our unofficial sponsors for the show, @srynearson and @pegahkamal of Aruba Networks, for liquoring up the crowd. Recorded live at the 2015 Wireless LAN Pros Conference in Dallas.