• No Strings Attached Show Crossover Shows

    The drunk duo teams up with the NSA Show and @WirelessStew to solve all the issues surrounding Wi-Fi, IoT, and beyond. Check out the NSA Show at http://nsashow.com! it’s like a sober, professional, smart version of our show and is also co-starred by @samuel_clements!

  • iTunes and #PVTDrunkBingo

    Contest Ended Hey guys, guess what! We’re available in iTunes and we want to celebrate! It’s been requested by several people so I toiled for minutes and got it done. Here’s the link so head on over and subscribe otherwise my work was all in vain. In honor of our newest achievement Sam and I have decided to put together a contest for our listeners, PVT Buzzword Bingo. Now we understand that this is only something that Cisco partners can play along with but it happened to be going on when Sam came up with the idea and our iTunes approval went through. If it’s a success, maybe there will…