• Lost Episode Restored! Ruckus Leads Wave 2 and a TrackR BLE Giveaway!!!

    We’ve been slacking lately so we’re going through the archives and posting all our old content. Enjoy. Or don’t. Sam and Ryan give their opinions on Ruckus’ Wave 2 release, Sam drinks a viewer recommended Japanese whiskey, and a Ryan offers up a TrackR BLE tag (https://www.thetrackr.com/sticker) for the best review of WIFI’s new album (http://coast2coastmixtapes.com/mixtapes/mixtapedetail.aspx/wifi-connected). Contest Ended Send your reviews of the Egyptian rapper Wifi’s latest album to egyptianrapperwifireview@whiskeyandwireless.com. We’ll announce the winner at some point and send you something some time after that.